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Waiting in a Volatile market

I talked on the phone this morning with a new, 65year old client in Florida who is moving her money from a market exposed account, to Athene

2years ago, her account was worth $520,000….

When I sat with her around 15days ago, her account was worth $393,000.

The amount she received from her account today before rolling it over to Athene was $364,000

That’s almost a $30,000 loss just in the past 15-20days. For a 65year old

Her “fiduciary” advisor was emotionally telling (via email) to her and his other clients to “stay the course”

“Stay the course”?!

Think about this for a sec: if you’re close to retirement, do you feel that you can have the luxury of losing any money? Every penny counts when you retire. You won’t have the time to “ride” the market and wait untill it comes back up.

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